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I finally get what “Face Value” means

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It seems that the cunning plan of the US Mint is to link the value of the the US Dollar to it’s appearance.

Not only can 2007 boast to having the lowest dollar value in over a generation, but probobly the ugliest US coin.  Ever!

Thursday Gun Porn IV

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Warren Buffett passes the buck (or a billion)

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So one of the richest guys in the world complains that he doesn’t pay enough taxs.,,2202020,00.html

I’m not debating the issue of whether the rich get better treatment under the tax laws than the poor or middle class do, I just think he full of crap and is making comments in the press for some political reason.

If he thinks he isn’t paying enough, just don’t fill out your tax form to squeeze every deduction.  If he honestly feels that one or more deduction is unfair to the poor, or an advantage to the rich, don’t take it.  Put your money where your mouth is.

Falling back on the old saw that he’s “only following the rules” is a bunch of crap.  Deductions are “allowed”, not “required”.

I’m sure Mr. Buffett didn’t get where he is by following everyrule and law to the letter.

New Jersey squirrels safe again

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New Jersey squirrels have been cleared for human cunsumption again after retesting for lead content.  Chinese squrrels lead levels still untested.

 Details here.

The other ingredients for the squirrel shake were not listed in the article, but one can assume ice cream, a bit of syrup, and some nuts were also in the blender.

Thursday Gun Porn III

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Really, who would really want to…

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Two unconnected stories grabbed my attention today.

First was one about a 9/11 first responder who house is going on the auction block because of medical bills that resulted from being at ground zero.

The second is about the lack of firefighters in California.

Putting these two stories together begs the question “Who would volunteer?”.

Good people are doing extrodinary things all across the United States, sometimes for no money, and as payback for injuries received on the job, the best the government (state, federal, and local) can do is generate paperwork and excuses instead of taking care of them on a level on par with how they took care of us.

Absolutely disgusting!

Thursday Gun Porn II

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What next? The McSquirrel???

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Even upscale restaurants are serving our favorite tree rat.

The Daily Mail.

Can anyone get their recipe?

Britney Spears on video soon (yawn, barf)

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So the word is that Britney’s house was broken into and photo’s, tapes, and clothing of an “intimate” nature have been stolen.

It seems that the only way this trainwreck could have gotten worse is the announcement that it was hauling propane tanks and explosives.

Sure lots of people will stop to stare, but look too hard and your eyes will start to burn.  My advise it to take a quick peek as you pass by, and go on with your life.

The only this the girl can do to make her life even worse is maybe a comeback tour with Michael Jackson.

Sarah Silverman is not funny

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Someone has to say it.  She really isn’t.

Sure she has a certain hittable quality, but would you really be happy to see her the next morning when you wake up?

The “lets see who I can offend, and then make fun of because they got offended” shtick will start to wear thin soon.  And lets face it, she gets away with things because she’s just a “nice Jewish girl commediane.”   I wonder how many microseconds it would take if last nights episode was rewritten with the abortion clinic becoming a Nazi concentration camp, and having joking guards jumping around while they take the Jews into the ovens.

How about a little good-for-the goose fair play thrown right back at them.