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Ok, now that you caught killed it, how do you cook it.

Here’s some recipes from all over the web.¬† Credit’s given where due.

If you have one that you’d like to see added, email it to

BBQ Squirrel
Cajun Squirrel
Camp Stew
Ciicken Fried Squirrel
Chicken Suprise
Daddy’s Squirrel Stew
Easy Squirrel BBQ
Mesquite Squirrel
Redneck Squirrel Fry
Simple Roast Squirrel
Smother – Fried Squirrel
Squirrel Bog
Squirrel Cacciatore
Squirrel Casserole
Squirrels in Cream Sauce
Squirrel Creole
Squirrel Croquettes
Squirrel & Dressing
Squirrel Dumplings
Squirrel Jambalaya
Squirrel and Noodles
Squirrel Nuggets
Squirrel Spit
Squirrel Stew
Squirrel Stew Too