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And the Loonie shall rise again

September 30th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

So the Canadian dollar (Loonie) is actually worth more than the American dollar.  I have nothing against Canadians, and in the past the Canadian dollar being worth less than ours was good for teasing and exchange rate jokes.  Now the joke is on us, and it isn’t funny.

Although the Loonnie has historically been worth less, it has also been more stable.  The exchange rate difference of less than a 1 to 1 parity never really meant anything  that dimished the value or importance of the overall Canadian economy.  But the important thing the look at here isn’t that the Canadian dollar has risen, it’s that the American dollar has fallen.

Real estate crisis, credit crisis, trade imbalances (China specifically with threats of dumping all their dollars), the rise of the Euro with that currency becoming the standard of exchange for the oil producing countries, billions in aid towards countries that have surpluses while we run defecits (Isreal), and trillions spent on a war that makes no political, or military sense.

The Anerican Government no longer, and hasn’t for a long time, works for the American people.  This includes the Executive Branch, Congress, the Senate, and the Judiciary.  All these branches while working to expand their own power, and make noises about the excesses of the others, actually do nothing to curtail  the expansion, but also protect each other for the day when it’s “their turn” to be in charge.

Habias Corpus is a forgotton ideal, and nobody in power cares.  Constitutional rights across the board are being eroded deeper than the Grand Canyon.  National sovreinty is being taken away from the citizens to the point where illegal aliens have more rights, privilages, and access to basic services than the majority of Americans do.

Has it gone to far to fix?  I really don’t know.

The only advise I have is stock up on ammunition, learn to cook what you can catch, buy books on everything (sure you can look it up on the internet, but that only works if the electricity is on).  Make sure you have friends that you can stay with that are less than a tank of gas away.  None of these on their own make less than common sense, and in the past were unusual.

But group these together in a list and you get the label kook, conspiracy theorist, radical, or even terrorist.  The fact that being prepared and self suficient is no longer looked upon as part of being what’s at the core of being an American, and what made America, but as being an actual threat to America by many (inside and outside of government), should be more worrysome than the failure of the Dollar.

Currencies and exchange of goods and services on a local level will always develop outside of international economies.  Keeping your family fed and warm will always  be more important than maintaining any failing economic system.

And for anyone paying attention, things are failing.

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