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Eddie’s new gun

September 25th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

After he broke his old Mossberg, Eddie had to go shopping for a new Rifle. Since he couldn’t get a new stock to replace the one he broke against the tree, he had to get his old lady to open the purse for some shopping money.

He had asked if I could maybe get some money on EBay for the old parts, but since they don’t allow too much in the way of gun part sales anymore, I couldn’t help. I heard the guy at the gun store gave him a few bucks for it mainly because Eddie’s been a customer for a long time. That and the scope had somehow managed to stay in one piece. A really nice Nikon that he won at a shooting match.

I’m not sure exactly how he explained it to his wife about what happened to the old rifle, but I’m sure it wasn’t a quiet conversation on her part. I asked what kind of rifle he picked up, but he said it would be a suprise the next time we go hunting together.

I’m sure that Paula cut him off for a bit. But considering where some of them bee stings were, I’ll bet Eddie isn’t too put out about that. And it also gives her an excuse for staying out late and spending more time on a bar stool.

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