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Why Gun Porn?

August 14th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized

I know people area looking at the pics.  I can see the traffic data.  So how about a hand getting some pics up.  Send in your best shots.

And now to answer the question.  I want this page to be fun.  I don’t really care to post my personal demons and inner anger over world and personal situations.  Not that there isn’t enought to go around, but too many sites are already doing that.  Frankly, besides the people involved around you, who really gives a shit.But why girls and guns?  Everybody like to look at pretty girls.  Even other girls!  Don’t lie about it.  Just pick up any womens magazine.  Chic, Marie Claire, etc., and you’ll see more half dressed models than in most skin magazines from 30 years ago.

And the guns?  There are two things that best illustrate any society’s current level of artistry, technology, and general advancement.  Watches, and firearms.  Girls and watches just doesn’t have the same level of sex appeal.

Besides, I haven’t seen any actual statistics, but I’d bet a case of your favorite caliber ammo that most anti-gun people are also anti-sex appeal.  This isn’t the page for them.  I like guns, I like half naked girls, and I especially like half naked girls that have enough self confidence to shoot firearms.  It’s an attitude thing.  And frankly ladies, big tits may get a guys attention, but you have to figure out how to keep it once you get it.

And that is 90% attitude.

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