Yeah they're furry. So what!


September 25th, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s my two cents.

It’s not about Mexican, Dominican, European, or even Martian. It’s about who’s here legally, and who isn’t. Anyone in the country that is following the rules and laws of the United States, Welcome the the USA. Anyone that’s here without doing so, then back to your country of origin.

And if they are here illegally, I’m not saying deprive them of healthcare, or basic services. Lets take care of them the best we can. And then buy them a plane ticket back home.

After that, we charge their home country for whatever the costs are, plus say a 15% service fee. And if their homeland doesn’t want to pay, then we just deduct it from whatever foreign aid that country gets. This does several things. It keeps our healthcare system from going broke by making sure services are paid for. It keeps Americans healthier by keeping healthcare costs down because it eliminates a huge chunk of pass along costs that we have to carry. And it maybe eliminates certain countries from encouraging, and even actively supporting illegals coming here.

I have no problem with anyone wanting to better for themselves and their families, but I’m just not happy about having to pay for it without a Thank You, nevermind demands that they get treated equally, or even better..

The Rights and privilages we enjoy here are for American Citizens. And anyone not a Citizen or otherwise here legally has protections under the law. The two are not the same.

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